Author Topic: New Monthly Tournaments in Tulsa - but what games?  (Read 2414 times)

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New Monthly Tournaments in Tulsa - but what games?
« on: August 13, 2006, 08:36:10 pm »

So, this is a poll to see what people want to have at the first Monthly Tournament in Tulsa.  This will also help sway the future tournaments.

3 votes a person.  14 day run time.

If you REALLY want to put your 2 cents in - show up to the event for planning -

At this event, we'll be figuring out what Sunday / Friday of the month is best, how many games to include at the event, so on so forth.  Show up, give your opinion, all that jazz.  At this rate, we might literally just hold it around that booth of Josh's heh.  Or - we'll figure it out and play it by ear. 

My motto in the 'Want someone to throw you a tournament' thread - has been at least 10 people show interest, we'll throw the event.  With shifting towards a monthly tournament schedule - to help get the word out about things, increase awareness, and optimize on efforts - we'll now be looking at whatever gets the most attention - will be there.  I'm assuming Halo will be no problem interest wise - we'll see.  Smash 64 - yea.  DDR - yup.  Anything else - we'll see.  Spread the word, let us know.

After the meeting, we'll announce the first tournament date.  After 2 weeks - this poll will show what games will be at the first one.


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