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Newer games?
« on: November 28, 2006, 04:42:36 pm »
Hey several of us from Edmond are always looking for tournys to play but do you guys do any newer games? We took 3rd at CPL 2 years ago for halo 2 and SSBB will be out for the Wii soon. Anyway if you guys did anything like BF2 or something newer we would love to get in on the action. Nice to see some gamers from this arm pit of the world anyway.


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Re: Newer games?
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2006, 07:28:26 pm »
yeah just come in play


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Re: Newer games?
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2006, 03:50:18 pm »
I support a Gears of War tourney whole heartedly. 

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Re: Newer games?
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2006, 03:05:32 pm »
Well - keep in mind this site is for Tournaments and Events - if you have a tournament for a newer game - PLEASE POST ABOUT IT! :)

As for what the admin of this site has thrown, the Monthly Tournaments - well we just have been throwing whatever the gamers we've found have wanted.

We throw the monthly tournaments - to get the word out about the site.  If there are no tournaments or events to GO to a events site to check out - then no one would come!  So, we throw a tournament monthly, to help start this trend of using a central website to promote gaming in Oklahoma, and to start the process of getting the word out about the site it's self.

Also - it's a hardware deal.  Sure, we'll throw a tournament for whatever people want to do, keeping in mind whatever they want to do will help get the word out about  However, just like the whole MarioKart DS tourny thing kinda came and went, if we don't have the neccessary hardware to throw the event, we can't really pull it off being just a grass roots thing.

Sundays?  You've got to realize, just like with people bringing hardware - we are working with what we've got.  After a board meeting of the interested coming up, we'll have alot of things locked down on what OKgamers is and isn't doing.  When it comes to venues, right now we are working with Funhouse - a local arcade.  They have busy Friday and Saturday nights, thus we do Sunday night.  We could have done Thursday night - but that proved to be bad through voting.

So - getting back to what's up.  When it comes to Tournaments and Events in and around Oklahoma?  If you throw one, hear about one, whatever - make sure to get the info on - so people know about it!  If you just want the OKgamers staff to add a game to the Monthly Tournaments, have the hardware ready, and get it voted in, and we'd be game.  You want to run it, and we have the space, that's fine too.  Our goal - isn't making money, because we aren't charging for that.  Our goal isn't making anyone mad or inconvienced, because we do as much as we can to cater to the gaming audience, in order to keep them happy - and spreading the word / usefulness of  We are here - to help out.  A few on staff have other reasons - building up a portfolio peice for writing for example.  But in the end - the goal is to make Oklahoma better.  Less boring.  More connected, so we don't miss tournaments and events!  The current 4 staff members have signed on saying "We'll do this for a year.  We'll give 2007 to attempting to make this work.  If gamers are too lazy and don't use the site - well, we tried.  If it gets picked up, and used?  Then we've not wasted our time."

That's what I'm doing.  I own a design / web hosting company: so the site is hosted for free.  Seriously - no strings attached.  No banner ads, or cost to gamers for use.  No charging companies to use it / post on it.  In fact, we'll have it voted in at the board meeting, but we'll probably be going with a strict 'no flaming the local venues' ruling, because otherwise they won't post here.  And if we aren't getting companies and venues to post about what they are doing in Oklahoma?  The site will never work.  Gamers can't post everything, we MUST have the cooperation of the organizers.

People hear things, and they think they are too good to be true.  Makes sense, alot of things in life aren't free - and this isn't breaking that rule.  We do what we can so you can have fun, but there is a price...  Spread the word about; work with us to make things better not worse.  Let people know there is a online source for posting about and finding gaming events and tournaments in the Oklahoma area.  HELP US GET THE WORD OUT! Your blogs, your websites, posting a flyer up at work or your car or wherever.  We aren't sponsored or anything yet, so we don't have a budget.  We can't afford much more than flyers and online advertising...  So, what we are doing to improve the state - is only going to be carried by the word of mouth and players like you.  You want a better place to live, more tournaments, more fun outta Oklahoma?  Do something about it.


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